Winterfest as Green Event

It is our „green vision“ to organize Winterfest according to the principles of environmental compatibility and sustainability. With our activities we want to contribute to a world where people deal responsibly with our ecosystem and our natural and human resources. We intend to undertake measures that contribute to the protection of our environment and climate.

Since 2017, we heat the tents of the Winterfest by district heating, supported by the Land Salzburg and the Salzburg AG and in accordance with the climate and energy strategy Salzburg 2050. Therefore, we are able to reduce local air pollutant emissions and several tons of CO2.

In our planning phase, we already integrate multiple measures to preserve the environment and shape the Winterfest as a green event.

Our measures:

  • Promotion of a climate-friendly mobility
  • Seasonal, regional and organic food
  • Use of reusable tableware, glasses and cups
  • Purchase of beverages in deposit bottles
  • Use of big bags instead of single portion bags
  • Ecologically worthwhile waste separation and collection
  • Avoidance of single use decoration and single use giveaways
  • Economical use of resources and renewable energies
  • Accessibility