Program overview

With the 19th edition of the Winterfest, renowned circus compagnies from France, Canada, Australia, Finland and Germany will enchant the audiences with their current productions. Cirque Alfonse start off with their energetic show which is an invitation to a mass with bold acrobatics and live-music. Circa merges circus, cabaret and burlesque into one glamorous performance that skillfully plays with what we are used to expect and see. Between flying bathtubs and dancing fridges the 11 person ensemble of Cie Akoreacro tells a story about the seemingly mundane everyday life of a couple. In his original solo-performance the exceptional talent Thom Monckton relies on nothing but his expressive face and his own two hands. The performance of still hungry invites the audience to question misconceptions and common clichés about motherhood. Moreover, the Winterfest offers attractive side events such as literature-matinees, film screenings, lively concerts and more.

This year’s motto of the Kaleidoskop is: „Dare to experiment! “ Two artists and one artist-duo will cross the genre border and the performative possibilities of contemporary circus in three short performances.

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