Kaleidoskop »Circusexperiments«
One ticket, three performances.

This year’s Kaleidoskop encourages emerging artists to dare experiments! Consciously crossing boundaries between genres, two solo artists and one artistic duo create an evening composed of three short pieces, each exploring the performative potential of the contemporary circus arts.

In 2019, Kaleidoskop is part of the international cooperation project “circus re: searched”. Curated by the cultural association KreativKultur (Elena Lydia Kreusch and Arne Mannott), the event showcases a selection of emerging circus artists from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The Austrian duo Maja Karolina Franke and Ralph Öllinger uses partner acrobatics and performance art to explore the role of the audience and the responsibility of the individual in our individualized society. Proactive audience involvement also plays a central role in the work of Berlin based performer Darragh McLoughlin: The artist mixes juggling technique with cinematic staging principles and lets the audience become a co-creators of the show. The Swiss artist Paul-Emmanuel Chevalley, on the other hand, translates Japanese haiku poems into physical movement sequences (contemporary dance technique and club juggling), creating underwater worlds on stage.

Moreover, there is the photo exhibition »offstage« taking place in the academy Bar on 6 Dezember. And whoever is inspired by the performances, is invited to special workshops at the CircusTrainingsCentrum which take place on 7 and 8 December.

Maja K. Franke & Ralph Öllinger

Darragh McLoughlin
»The Whistle«

Paul-Emmanuel Chevalley
»Passer entre«

The performance we are working on is not a show in a conventional way, we understand it as a performance process. All participants – the performers and the audience – can give information from their inside out, as well as take the outside information in. The aim is to create an honest dialogue. Therefore the term and meaning of responsibility is an important part of the research. We are looking for an honest physicality, individually and in connection with each other. Giving and receiving weight of the other, taking and overtaking responsibility, sharing it or leaving it to someone else and having trust are big parts of our research, as well as in our daily lives.

(20 Minutes)

Artistic direction & performance: ego portrait – a circus-dance perspective, Maja Karolina Franke & Ralph Öllinger
Music: Christof Ressi
Outside eye: Peter Sweet
Foto and video: Lisa Horvath

With support from: RedSapata TANZFABRIK, Come ON! Kulturvernetzung Niederösterreich, Codarts Rotterdam, Fontys Tilburg

Through opening and closing their eyes the audience create their own blackouts. This allows for quick changes between countless scenes, that lead the audience on a journey through humouros and poetic stories. Giving responsibility to the audience is an easy but effective tool that creates (or doesn’t create) trust by giving them the chance to follow (or not follow) instructions. That gives the audience the freedom to make a number of individual choices while they are still all watching the same show.

(20 Minutes)

Author, interpreter: Darragh McLoughlin
Production: Elena Lydia Kreusch, Squarehead Productions
Im Rahmen der Saison Européenne des Arts du Cirque des Programms CircusNext, co-finanziert von der Europäischen Kommission.
Support: Laboratoriet Aarhus/RAPP 2014 – Research in Artistic Practice Programme, La Central del Circ’, KreativKultur

Once upon a time there was a fish. He is there, his gaze is vague, lulled by a cold current. With the flick of his fins he drifts onwards and eventually he leaves the water and waves behind. What stays are traces that speak of permanent change …

„Passer entre“ combines club juggling with dance. A wild mixture  which the artist imaginatively translates through the reduction to the essential and the power of physical expression.

(20 Minutes)

Creation and performance: Paul-Emmanuel Chevalley
Music: Adriano Koch
Artistic accompaniment:  Scheherazade Zambrano
Production: Cie Tourne Au Sol
Photos: Lucien Coignon

Residence and Support: Maison des Jonglages, Espace Catastrophe, Centre Régional des Art du Cirque, LeZarti’Cirque, CIAM, Hop-Hop-Hop Circus – Ecole des Arts du Cirque, Salle Allende, Danse Création, Le Poulailler

Date: 6. & 7. Dec. 2019
Time: 6. Dec. 20:00 | 7. Dec. 16:00 and 20:00
Duration: 80 min incl. intermission
Artist talks: 7. Dec. 18:00, academy Bar. Moderation Elena Kreusch

From age 12

Toihaus Theater, Franz Josef Straße 4


Adults: € 26,-
Children & Students: € 19,-

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KreativKultur is a Vienna based non-profit organisation concerned with production, professional development, advocacy, (inter)national networking and knowledge production in the field of contemporary circus and performance arts. Lead by Elena Kreusch and Arne Manott.


Circus re:searched

The project accompanies chosen artists of the german speaking region and enables them to immerse themselves in artistic research processes at the interface of circus arts and other art forms (dance, visual arts, digital media, etc.). Further, the project aims to enhance visibility for contemporary circus in the german speaking area and to strengthen the respective local circus communities. Between 2019 and 2020, selected artists get the opportunity to participate in residencies, performance events, feedback sessions and ‘watch & talk’ formats in all three countries.

Circus re: searched is a joint project of KreativKultur (AT), Berlin Circus Festival (DE) and Cirqu’Aarau (CH). The project is funded by the Cultural Devision of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Pro Helvetia, the Allianz Cultural Foundation and the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


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